Featured Podcast: 2 Motorbikes, 2 Friends, 2 Wheels South

Travel Episode 129: 2 Motorbikes, 2 Friends, 2 Wheels South: From Brooklyn, NY to Ushuaia, Argentina

In 2016-2017, Matias Corea and his best friend, Joel Estopà, drove two vintage BMW motorbikes from Brooklyn, New York, to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost tip of the continent. Tune in to hear about their adventure through more than 13 countries and over 32,000 kms. This is an hour of storytelling that will keep your adventurous fire lit!

From the episode:

“We are following at times, the path [of] common sense. Common sense is a very dangerous thing. Common sense is generic. It doesn’t apply to the individual.”


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“Interviewing is an art. Melissa knows how to weave your answers as a story on the fly. Listening and reacting in a way that one can’t tell if everything is scripted or it’s just off the cuff. I felt my answers were better because of her great sense of rhythm and innate curiosity.”

Matias Corea, Two Wheels South