My Travel Stories

Picture of river, mountains, clouds, and longtail boats in Laos, Southeast Asia.
Mong Neu Nga, Laos.

I spent several months travelling around Southeast Asia in 2010. After a few weeks, I became restless in my mind, and turned my attention to writing about what I was seeing, doing and feeling, sending long journal-like emails to friends and family. These will be released one ‘chapter’ at a time for your reading pleasure. In order to make sense of my journey, you will need to read these entries in order. The first installment is the Introduction, providing you with some background on my life and relationship at the time, as well as my first departing moments. Please note that this is purely my subjective interpretation of my travels. I am in no way an authority on Southeast Asia!

For the first installment, click on Introduction: En Route with Random Thoughts. This story will be updated regularly, so come back soon for the next chapter!


“I love sitting with Melissa during her epic interviews. We talk about travel and life and you can certainly feel her energy and passion exude during that hour. Her great heart and adventurous mind intrigues me and keeps the talks very interesting, which is why I keep going back. Thank you so much for your connection and your positive contribution to the airwaves.”

Tony Perdomo, Exodus Travels