The FLY Travel Radio Podcast, with Melissa Rodway

Melissa sitting behind a microphone, smiling, writing some notes.
Getting ready for my next FLY guest.

I remember someone telling me at the age of 20 that I should go to radio school. I was very disillusioned with my sociology major, wondering why I was taking this subject, and how it would serve me.

The thought of a life in radio sent shockwaves through my body, the proverbial lightbulb going off. As Marie Kondo would say, the idea sparked joy. As we do, I quickly succumbed to the paralyzing inertia of youth, falling prey to a lack of confidence, peer comparisons, and overthinking. Naturally, I pursued further studies in advertising and market research.

There isn’t only one chance in life to do the things we are meant to do. This is where I welcome you to the FLY Travel Radio Podcast, with me, your host, Melissa Rodway! This podcast is a mélange of so many things; my love of travel and adventure, a lifetime of wanting to explore a career in broadcasting, and my unyielding desire to ask people unique and thought provoking questions about their lives. I have finally sparked my joy.

The Planet D returned in 2018. Click photo for our interview about Tanzania.

The FLY Travel Radio Podcast is a safe place for travellers and adventurers to share their untold stories. It is a space for travel companies to discuss a remote tour, a platform for entrepreneurs to celebrate their amazing new travel underwear (which will undoubtedly change all of our lives), and the place for authors to promote their book about cycling around the world for a year. From day one, it has been my goal to find interesting people, off-the-beaten-path tales, and inspiring journeys. That will never change.

On Air sign, lit up in red.

The complete FLY Travel Radio Podcast collection can be found on SoundCloud. Most recent shows can be heard on iTunes. With over 160 episodes, there is so much for you to explore.

If you are interested in being a guest on the FLY Travel Radio Podcast, please visit the FAQ page for any queries you may have, and the Contact page to connect with me. Don’t forget to read the Testimonials from past guests to hear about their experiences on FLY. They always come back for more.


“We had an amazing time on our two appearances with Melissa at FLY radio. Her questions were informed and thoughtful and she made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Each time were were guests, we felt that we could easily communicate and promote our website and upcoming projects in a fun and conversational way. FLY was one of our best radio experiences and we’d happily be a guest of Melissa’s anytime!”

Dave and Deb, THE PLANET D


Melissa is in an orange wig and is on the street, interviewing live for Halloween. Ziggy Stardust stands behind her while she interviews a man wearing a telephone on his back.
Interviewing at Hallowe’en on Church in Toronto for CIUT 89.5FM. Image by Kenigma.
Melissa is talking into a red microphone. The image captures her side profile as she reads her notes. There is a computer screen on in front of her, and radio equipment to her right.
Delivering the news of the nation! Or at the very least, an interesting travel interview.
Melissa is riding the subway. There is no one else around. She is standing by the door, reading her notes.
An early Saturday morning when FLY aired at the crack of dawn on CIUT 89.5FM. On my way to hit the airwaves.

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