I want guests to feel comfortable when being interviewed on the FLY Travel Radio Podcast, as though they are speaking to a friend. These are informal conversations between two people sharing a love of travel and adventure. A splash of humour is also inevitable, as I simply cannot help it. If you are interested in being on the FLY Travel Podcast, read the testimonials below from past guests about their FLY experience. I can guarantee you will want to come back.
Tom Gehrels: Trip Designer, Adventure Coordinators

“I have always enjoyed being on your show! It has been a great platform to share travel stories from places in Canada as well as around the world. The one comment many of my listeners always had was about the great questions you ask. They are thoughtful, thought-provoking and show you have done your research. Combined with your sense of humour, your positive outlook and your great personality they made your show a joy to listen to and to be on.”

Tom Gehrels, Adventure Coordinators

Tony Perdomo, Business Development Manager, Central Canada and U.S.A, Exodus Travels

“I love sitting with Melissa during her epic interviews. We talk about travel and life and you can certainly feel her energy and passion exude during that hour. Her great heart and adventurous mind intrigues me and keeps the talks very interesting, which is why I keep going back. Thank you so much for your connection and your positive contribution to the airwaves.”

Tony Perdomo, Exodus Travels


Dave and Deb: The Planet D, Forbes Top 10 Travel Blog

“We had an amazing time on our two appearances with Melissa at FLY radio. Her questions were informed and thoughtful and she made us feel comfortable and relaxed. Each time were were guests, we felt that we could easily communicate and promote our website and upcoming projects in a fun and conversational way. FLY was one of our best radio experiences and we’d happily be a guest of Melissa’s anytime!”

Dave and Deb, The Planet D

Tuk Tuk Rally India
Garry Wallace: Intrepid Traveller and Co-Owner of Serenity Boutique Hotel, Costa Rica

“As a travel lover, I have been a listener of FLY Travel Radio for years and on two occasions I have been a guest. FLY is wide ranging, interesting and insightful, providing valuable information on worldwide destinations. From the guest perspective, Melissa is a self-assured interviewer, well prepared and always asks the unexpected question. I would recommend FLY Travel Radio to anyone who travels, plans on traveling or dreams about travel.”

Garry Wallace, Serenity Boutique Hotel

Nora Dunn: The Professional Hobo, Digital Nomad

“Being a guest on FLY Radio is so much fun! I’ve been on the show twice, and Melissa asks unique questions, and engages in fun conversation. She’s enthusiastic, energetic, and attentive to her guests, and her interviews stand out because of it. I always enjoy being a guest on FLY Radio!”

Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo

Geoffrey Steward, Author of In Search of Nice Americans
Geoff Steward: Author, “In Search of Nice Americans”

“Melissa is a fabulous interviewer – she is animated, enthusiastic and well-researched. The conversation flows very naturally and she has a mischievous sense of humour. My interview with her on FLY was the most fun of my book promotion interviews – she is a very nice American.”

Geoff Steward, “In Search of Nice Americans”

Timothy Chan: Former Head of Communications & PR, G Adventures

“A visit to the FLY studio is always fun and entertaining. Melissa is a true professional with an ability to quickly put guests at ease, which creates an environment that fosters more engaging storytelling. As Toronto’s only radio travel program, FLY and Melissa give voice to communities, individuals and organizations that have inspiring and intriguing stories.Through Melissa’s passion for storytelling, she takes listeners on a journey that leaves them yearning for their next adventure.”

                                                    Timothy Chan, Communications Strategist

Melissa Alvia, Freelance ESL Teacher

“I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Melissa for FLY. It was such a great experience to come in contact with someone who’s so well traveled and wise. She took the time to chat with me before the interview to calm my nerves but she also imparted wisdom through her travels and her ideas of a life well-lived. Going into the interview with that mindset, it was a breeze — a fun, insightful session where time flew. Melissa is so skilled at conversation, that speaking to her created such an effortless and organic talk. I really appreciated being led very gently to my truth, which is the mark of not only a great interviewer but also a great story-teller. She was very welcoming and she emphasized working together with me, so I felt very much like I was in a collaborative creative process, in which I was a valued member/contributor.”

                                                                       Melissa Alvia, ESL Teacher

Winston Ma: Former PR/Digital Media Specialist, The Travel Corporation

“We have worked with Melissa (FLY) to announce our newest adventures from our various award-winning travel brands for a couple years and each interview has always been in-depth and touched on all of our key messages. Melissa thoroughly researches each interviewee and topic before going live on air and creates compelling content that listeners can use when planning their next adventure abroad.”

Winston Ma, formerly with The Travel Corporation

Kristen Novak, Founder, Wild PR

“Melissa is such a steward for sharing genuine, authentic and unique travel stories. We work with her regularly to share stories of small businesses in the travel sector and she has a way of bringing out the magic in each and every one of them. We are so grateful for her platform and look forward to continuing to collaborate in the years to come!”

Kristen Novak, Wild PR

Captain Liz Clark: Surfer, Sailor, Author, Environmentalist

“I loved talking to Melissa! Her positivity, humility, genuine spirit, and engaging questions make being on her show a blast. She quickly makes you feel like an old friend. Thanks for all you do, sista!!”

Captain Liz Clark, Swell Voyage

Matias Corea, Two Wheels South, Motorcycle Traveller

“Interviewing is an art. Melissa knows how to weave your answers as a story on the fly. Listening and reacting in a way that one can’t tell if everything is scripted or it’s just off the cuff. I felt my answers were better because of her great sense of rhythm and innate curiosity.”

Matias Corea, Two Wheels South

Elise Wortley, Woman with Altitude, Female Explorer

“I had such a great time recounting my adventures to Melissa on FLY! I love coming on the show, Melissa is so engaging and welcoming, its such a joy to chat all things female explorers with her!”

Elise Wortley, Woman with Altitude

Doug O’Neill, Travel Writer/Marketing Communicator

“I’m a frequent guest on the forward thinking travel show, FLY, hosted by the incomparable, the witty, the always hilarious Melissa Rodway. Melissa asks questions of the travel industry that others are too nervous to ask. She covers destinations and stories that others aren’t covering. Women travelling solo in Nepal. Volunteer groups in Guatemala. People taking sabbaticals in Eastern Europe. She covers smaller destinations in Canada. She covers day trips from Toronto that others aren’t covering. And she’s telling these stories through a lens that is candid and unique. Melissa doesn’t produce 3 minute clips about resort vacations in Cancun. She covers destinations that people want to know about, and she covers them from angles that people would like to hear about.”

                                                                        Doug O’Neill, Travel Writer/                                                                                                                  Marketing Communicator

David Houghton, Ultracyclist

“Melissa’s deep love for other countries and cultures shines like sunlight through a Boreal forest. She draws the best out of her guests, with incisive questions and unexpected insights. Travel is the most direct path to humility and humanity, and Melissa reminds us of this with every podcast and blog entry. Long may she wander!”

David Houghton, Ultracyclist