Three women sitting at a broadcast table with microphones, smiling at camera.
Interviewing at the Study and Go Abroad Fair, 2018 for CIUT 89.5FM at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Listen to this podcast.

What is the FLY Travel Radio Podcast?

The FLY Travel Radio Podcast is a show about all things travel. Topics have included a woman leaving ‘regular’ life to sail and surf around French Polynesia for 12 years while living on her 25 foot sailboat, school friends creating a travel underwear business, adventure travel companies discussing off-the-beaten-path wildlife tours, a brave soul hiking the Himalayas without any modern day clothing or equipment, a musician backpacking for a year with his two adolescent kids, a couple of buddies riding their motorbikes from Brooklyn to Ushuaia …. these are the types of conversations you will hear on the FLY Travel Radio Podcast.

Is this show about your own travels?

The purpose of the FLY Travel Radio Podcast is to provide a platform for others to share their adventures. It is not about me. I have travelled a great deal compared to some and very little compared to others. When appropriate, I bring some of my own experiences into the conversation, but my focus is to shine a spotlight on my guests and their travels.

Where do you find your guests?

Guests are everyday people, coming from all walks of life. I find them through friends, word-of-mouth, the news, travel expos, blogs, presentations, social media, random discoveries on the Internet, and more. I have created a solid and eclectic travel community through FLY, which leads me to more and more interesting people to interview. I am beyond grateful to those I have met and will eventually meet, who continually teach us about all there is to do in this big beautiful world.

Where do you broadcast from?

I currently broadcast from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but, I am able to record interviews anywhere I go!

What if I am interested in being on the show, but I can’t get to Toronto?

While the conversation is more natural and often more fun in person, this is not always possible due to guests living in different time zones and countries. Also, the interviews are not live, they are pre-recorded. A sigh of relief! This makes guests feel immediately better and more at ease. Most FLY Travel Radio Podcast interviews are done through Skype or Zoom. A camera is not necessary, but audio certainly is. 

Do I need previous radio experience to be on the FLY Travel Radio Podcast?

No! The FLY Travel Radio Podcast is simply an informal conversation between two people sharing a love of travel and adventure. It is a very safe space in which to talk openly without judgment. Honesty, insight and a touch of humour are encouraged! Check out the testimonials to see what others have said about their experience on FLY.

I have a potential topic/guest I would like to hear more about on the FLY Travel Radio Podcast. What do I do?

Great! Contact me with these details and I will look into it.

Where can I find past FLY Travel Radio Podcast shows?

The complete FLY Travel Radio Podcast collection can be found on SoundCloud. The most recent shows can be found on iTunes.

I have some amazing travel stories! Can I be on your show?

I love amazing travel stories! Connect with me and I will follow up with you about what you’d like to talk about.

I make some really useful travel gear and I think your audience would love it – how do I let you know?

If you have a product or service that you think my audience will love, please contact me. If I love it too, I may even add it to FLY Lounge.

I just wrote a book about my travel adventures. What’s the best way to tell you about it?

Adventure travel books are the key to my heart! Send me the link to your book, and I may read it right away. If I love it, I can do a segment about your book on the FLY Travel Radio Podcast. I may also post it in FLY Reads.

How can I become a sponsor of FLY?

You can show your support to FLY by becoming a sponsor. Supporting FLY helps with the many hours spent researching, managing and promoting the show, as well as the equipment and technology required to make all of this magic happen. You can sponsor a specific episode of the FLY Travel Radio Podcast and/or you can sponsor FLY as a whole. 30 second ads are read live on air by me, Melissa Rodway.  Please connect with me through the Contact page for further discussion. Fees are applied for all sponsorships. Remember that FLY has more than one platform of audience reach, due to the FLY Travel Radio Podcast, blog and social media.

I have another question. How do I reach you?

Please feel free to reach out to me about anything travel-related that you think FLY should cover. As the world of travel is constantly changing and evolving, we must keep educating each other about all of the possibilities out there, be it the adventures in your own backyard or those much further away.


“I loved talking to Melissa! Her positivity, humility, genuine spirit, and engaging questions make being on her show a blast. She quickly makes you feel like an old friend. Thanks for all you do, sista!!”

Captain Liz Clark, Surfer, Sailor, AUTHOR, Environmentalist