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The tops of a pair of pink underwear and a pair of black underwear are visible. The Flight logo is seen on both. In the pink underwear, the top of a passport, earphones and earrings are sitting on top of the pocket of the underwear. The balck underwear pocket has a five dollar bill, a credit card and some lip gloss poking out of the top pocket.
Flight Underwear


JP Dunlop of Flight Underwear talks to FLY about travel underwear for women. I can attest that these are the most comfortable undies for your nether regions, made with bamboo and a hidden pocket to boot. Kiss that money belt goodbye forever! Listen to our interview here: Flight Underwear Discovers Women! with JP Dunlop.



Brown and turquoise travel backpack.
Women’s Osprey 40L Backpack

I cannot say enough about this Osprey 40L backpack. You can read about it here. This gem will free you from ever checking bags again, it fits in overhead compartments, allows you to whisk in and out of airports, and releases you from wondering if your luggage made the journey or not. It is lightweight, very comfortable, and has more than ample space for your clothing and gear. Love, love, love it. (Note: Due to COVID-19, airlines may be banning cabin luggage. Check with your carrier!).



Green container of Nuun electrolyte tablets.
Nuun Electrolyte Tablets


Nuun electrolyte tablets, especially if you are prone to dehydration like yours truly, will keep that spark in your step. Read about my dehydration experience here. These tablets are great for active pursuits (hiking, biking, cross-country skiing) as well as for use in very hot climates.



Band-Aids for heel blisters from Johnson & Johnson, Hydro Seal
Johnson & Johnson Hydro Seal Band-Aids

If your heel starts burning while hiking, take a pause and slap one of these bandages on. You will be thankful. I often put them on before multi-day treks, just to be proactive. It is possible I simply need new hiking boots. They can stay on for days if you apply them properly, even through multiple showers so don’t tug them off after day one, especially if your blister is bad. You will be sore-y! These babies speed up the healing (and heeling) process, making you better in no time. For me, they have been a lifesaver. Click here for a few more hiking gems.


Stainless steel pale bronze coloured water bottle
JEFlex 14 oz.


I was recently given this JEFlex 14-ounce stainless steel bottle. I LOVE it. It keeps your beverage piping hot for hours on end. There is a strainer in the lid so that you can put in loose leaf tea, raw ginger, or whatever your concoction may be. It does not leak. This is great for road trips and winter outings.



Brightly coloured fabric with tents on it.
Kula Cloth


The Kula Cloth® is a reusable, antimcrobial pee cloth for those who squat when they pee. This little piece of magic is ideal for hiking, camping, cross-country skiing and any other outdoor pursuit that may require you to leave no trace. Drip dry no more. I LOVE this piece of gear. It is a game changer. Listen to the inspirational FLY Travel Radio Episode 166: Pee Cloths, Music and Mountains interview with Kula Founder Anastasia Allison.



Spikes that get put on underside of hiking boot
Kahtoola MICROspikes


While on a -35°C winter weekend in Val-David, Québec, I noticed that the Quebecers were nimbly going up and down the icy hiking trails without a care in the world. I on the other hand, was not faring so well. And then I saw them. They all had icers on their hiking boots. I now have icers. I now am a nimble winter walker. They make all the difference in the world, allowing you to manage terrain that rivals a skating rink. A must for outdoor winter lovers.








If you think your travel gear or product fits my audience – podcast listeners, blog readers and social media followers – please send the product to my attention with details on where it can be purchased. Clear images of the product would be appreciated.