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FLY Travel Radio Episode 172:
Coast to Coast to Coast Adventures, with Great Canadian Trails

Active adventures are for everyone, and Great Canadian Trails is there to help you with whatever level of challenge you are looking for while easing the burden of logistics. Click here for more info on this episode!

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Melissa in a orange wig interviewing someone dressed in a long pink wig. Co-host interviewing someone else in a long blue wig. Their faces are not visible. There is a DJ in the background playing music. It is a live music scene.
Interviewing for CIUT 89.5FM at Hallowe’en on Church in Toronto. Your guess is as good as mine! Photo Credit: Kenigma













“I have always enjoyed being on your show! It has been a great platform to share travel stories from places in Canada as well as around the world. The one comment many of my listeners always had was about the great questions you ask. They are thoughtful, thought-provoking and show you have done your research. Combined with your sense of humour, your positive outlook and your great personality they made your show a joy to listen to and to be on.”