About Melissa Rodway

My name is Melissa Rodway. I grew up in a small (but not remote, there is a difference) town in Ontario. When I was six, we spent a year in Roleystone (very small, very remote bush town) in Western Australia. It was during this time that my dad kept reinforcing that life exists everywhere, and not just in our small, but not remote, Ontario town. That year, we were frequently packed into a camper van, discovering almost every nook and cranny of Australia, New Zealand and Bali.

At heart, I am a true Canadiana girl. I have lived in Port Perry, Ontario (see opening paragraph), Jasper, Alberta, Victoria, British Columbia, Montréal, Québec, and Barrie, Ontario (don’t knock it ’til you try it). I currently live in Toronto, Ontario. I love the anonymity and infinite opportunities only found in a big city, while also enjoying the many outdoor adventures that this province provides. I still get excited about each change of season and the new pace of life it brings.

I have always, always loved going away. Be it a road trip around New Brunswick, trekking in the Alps, riding a chicken bus through Central America, paragliding in Nepal, walking the streets of Brooklyn, eating phở in Vietnam, or camping in Bon Echo Provincial Park, nothing beats that feeling of adventure, exploration, and leaving the routine of daily life behind. I am known to cry almost the entire length of the journey home (which can be exhausting when leaving a country in Asia), and have had several meltdowns during the car ride back from a mere three days of camping in the Kawarthas. It is not that I do not like my regular life (although sometimes debatable), but I feel very taken with that feeling of freedom and the unknown. I am most present when I am away. It is possible that I have some escapism issues and need to practice more mindfulness, but not to worry, my brother is a therapist. He will get me sorted.

FLY was not created to talk about my own travel stories. I am by no means a travel expert. Compared to some, I have travelled a great deal. Compared to others, I have barely left the building. FLY was created because I love to talk about travel and am infinitely curious about adventures. FLY is a platform for storytelling, encouraging travellers to tell us about the ups and downs of their greatest escapades, often taking us to worlds that we didn’t even know existed. Sometimes these worlds are found in our own backyards, as adventure is everywhere. FLY is a place for us to learn, to dream and to challenge ourselves. I feel grateful and fortunate to have met so many fascinating people through FLY, creating a strong, collective community of like-minded adventurers and travellers.

Please peruse all that FLY has to offer. Whether you have a full passport, are embarking on your first trip, or simply enjoy hearing the stories, there is something here for you. Discover. Experience. Repeat.



“We have worked with Melissa (FLY) to announce our newest adventures from our various award-winning travel brands for a couple years and each interview has always been in-depth and touched on all of our key messages. Melissa thoroughly researches each interviewee and topic before going live on air and creates compelling content that listeners can use when planning their next adventure abroad.”