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Melissa Rodway - standing in front of a sign that says FLY. It is a summer day, and there are bikes on either side of Melissa and the sign.

I have always loved to write. As a kid, nothing would make me happier than to go down to the local card store on a beautiful summer day, and pick out a box of pretty writing paper. I would sit on our porch, basking in the sunshine, writing letter after letter to friends away on […]

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Cycling the Horsey Hundred, in Georgetown, Kentucky!

Woman on bike cycling alone through two beautiful green trees on paved road countryside.

Cycling the Horsey Hundred, in Georgetown, Kentucky! I am the type of person who feels pulled to the next adventure purely by instinct. Not a lot of thought goes into it, and on more than one occasion, I have known very little about the place I was going next. I just knew I was supposed […]

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FLY Travel Radio Episode 172: Coast to Coast to Coast Adventures, with Great Canadian Trails

  As summer is officially here, it is time to get outside. If you have itchy feet, a future trip with Great Canadian Trails is something to look forward to. Nathalie Gauthier, General Manager of GCT, joined me on FLY last week to discuss the infinite options that they offer for self-guided & small group guided […]

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10 Pay-it-Forward Holiday Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Traveller

Travel Writer and (outdoor enthusiast) Doug O’Neill stopped by FLY Travel Radio for our annual holiday show. Make sure to check out Doug’s book picks for 2020 at and listen to our interview here: 10 Pay-it-Forward Holiday Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy Traveller by Doug O’Neill Outdoor travel was trending throughout 2020 and chances […]

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Great Holiday Books for Adventurers

Travel Writer and (outdoor enthusiast) Doug O’Neill stopped by FLY Travel Radio for our annual show about his favourite books of 2020.  The suggestions below are the perfect gift for the adventure seeker or traveler in your life! Doug also gives some fabulous ideas for holiday gifts (or anytime gifts) for the outdoor lover on […]

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Introducing Melissa Rodway

Melissa Rodway

This is me in the early morning hours in Nepal, about to hit the trail for part of the Annapurna Circuit. We had just woken up to some beautiful chanting coming from the valley below. Many have said that I am in my element in this photo. That could very well be true…

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My Travel Stories

Blond woman is paragliding. You cannot see her face. The pilot is sitting behind her. They are overlooking a vast body of blueish-green water and land in the distance.

Anyone who travels becomes a storyteller. No matter the journey, big or small, there are always stories to be spun with our own creative licensing. This is the beauty of the subjective experience. We observe and interpret the environment around us, and then find the best possible way to express it to others.  We are […]

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It’s Better in the Dark

O.NOIR at Church and Isabella in Toronto

It’s Better in the Dark: An Urban Adventure (Note: This article was written in 2019, pre-COVID-19). O.NOIR is something I had wanted to do for a long time, but I just kept putting it off. I would walk past at Church and Isabella in Toronto and think, “I want to do that”, but by the […]

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A Backpack For Every Occasion

Melissa Rodway with her Osprey Packs Fairview 70 Women’s Travel Backpack

A Backpack For Every Occasion: Melissa Rodway’s Travel Backpack Recommendations I have never identified with the woman who is always coiffed and shellacked, fashionably dressed and accessorized at any given moment. I fall into that ‘other’ category. The category where I need a very good reason to wash my hair (work is rarely worthy), and […]

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Featured Podcast: 2 Motorbikes, 2 Friends, 2 Wheels South

Two motorbikes on the side of a road, looking over a vista of mountains and clouds.

Travel Episode 129: 2 Motorbikes, 2 Friends, 2 Wheels South: From Brooklyn, NY to Ushuaia, Argentina In 2016-2017, Matias Corea and his best friend, Joel Estopà, drove two vintage BMW motorbikes from Brooklyn, New York, to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost tip of the continent. Tune in to hear about their adventure through more than 13 […]

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Introducing the FLY Travel Radio Podcast

Melissa is speaking into a red microphone in a sound booth, she has headphones on and is reading from a paper. There is a computer screen in the background as well as a soundboard.

This is a snapshot of what it was like when FLY used to air at 6am on Saturday mornings at CIUT 89.5FM. FLYing Through the Airwaves When I was little, I used to think there was someone inside the radio. That was how the music got out, with the announcer being somewhere inside that box. […]

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