My Travel Stories

Blond woman is paragliding. You cannot see her face. The pilot is sitting behind her. They are overlooking a vast body of blueish-green water and land in the distance.

Anyone who travels becomes a storyteller. No matter the journey, big or small, there are always stories to be spun with our own creative licensing. This is the beauty of the subjective experience. We observe and interpret the environment around us, and then find the best possible way to express it to others.  We are […]

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The FLY Travel Blog

Melissa Rodway - standing in front of a sign that says FLY. It is a summer day, and there are bikes on either side of Melissa and the sign.

I have always loved to write. As a kid, nothing would make me happier than to go down to the local card store on a beautiful summer day, and pick out a box of pretty writing paper. I would sit on our porch, basking in the sunshine, writing letter after letter to friends away on […]

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