My Travel Stories

Anyone who travels becomes a storyteller. No matter the journey, big or small, there are always stories to be spun with our own creative licensing. This is the beauty of the subjective experience. We observe and interpret the environment around us, and then find the best possible way to express it to others.  We are all different in how we see the world. We are different in how we paint a picture and tell a tale. We are different in what we want people to hear and feel.

I invite you to my story about travelling around Southeast Asia in 2010. To make sense of it all, you will need to read these entries as they are presented, chapter by chapter. Please note that this is purely my own interpretation. It is my telling of a tale, my painting of a picture, my vision of the world I was surrounded by at the time. I hope you enjoy it.

For the first installment, click Introduction: En Route with Random Thoughts.