Introducing the FLY Travel Radio Podcast

This is a snapshot of what it was like when FLY used to air at 6am on Saturday mornings at CIUT 89.5FM.

FLYing Through the Airwaves

When I was little, I used to think there was someone inside the radio. That was how the music got out, with the announcer being somewhere inside that box. Commercials were a whole other masterpiece theatre of my mind.

As I got a bit older, I became a fan of WKRP. For those of you younger than I, that is a TV show from when TV was actually really funny. I adored this show and every character on it. I loved seeing the different styles of the DJs, from outrageous Dr. Johnny Fever (my fav) to soulful Venus Flytrap. Herb Tarlek, the stereotypical, smooth-talking, insecure sales guy in his never-ending plaid suits was pure comedy. You couldn’t help but have a soft spot for the Type A, extremely uncool news reporter, Les Nessman. Probably the most realistic part of the entire show was that the super sexy blond receptionist, Jennifer Marlowe, was the smartest of them all, and was the only one who was really keeping the business together. Did I tell you I once worked at a radio station as the office manager?

While being thoroughly entertained by the antics of WKRP, this show gave a somewhat honest view into the world of radio. We saw the transitions from one host to the next, and how these could go very well or very badly according to temperaments, preparedness and just how much they liked or disliked each other in that moment. We saw what the actual sound booth can look like. It is not always glamourous. We saw the day-to-day struggles that a sales team can have finding revenue. We saw how equipment can fail you at the last minute. Most importantly, we saw how people were trying to evolve in their careers, stay relevant, try new things and take a chance. This is radio.

I feel very lucky that somehow my path lead me to radio and now to podcasting. It can make you cringe or do a cartwheel when you hear the sound of your own voice, knowing that you either completely missed the mark, or totally nailed it. It allows you to improve. It encourages you to be creative. It pushes you to try new things. It asks you to think on your feet and improvise. It forces you to really listen to other people and to only talk when necessary. It finds your sense of humour. It demands that you learn and keep learning. It reminds you to check your ego at the door, pick yourself up, and get back up on that horse. Or microphone.

The complete FLY Travel Radio Podcast collection can be found on SoundCloud, from my very first attempt to my most recent interview. Take a trip around the world, learn about a new country, check out an entrepreneur’s latest gear, hear some inspiring travel stories, venture off-the-beaten-path. In no time, you will be adding new trips and adventures to your list. Happy listening!

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“Melissa is a fabulous interviewer – she is animated, enthusiastic and well-researched. The conversation flows very naturally and she has a mischievous sense of humour. My interview with her on FLY was the most fun of my book promotion interviews – she is a very nice American.”

Geoff Steward, Author of “IN SEARCH OF NICE AMERICANS”