Melissa Alvia, Freelance ESL Teacher

“I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Melissa for FLY. It was such a great experience to come in contact with someone who’s so well traveled and wise. She took the time to chat with me before the interview to calm my nerves but she also imparted wisdom through her travels and her ideas of a life well-lived. Going into the interview with that mindset, it was a breeze — a fun, insightful session where time flew. Melissa is so skilled at conversation, that speaking to her created such an effortless and organic talk. I really appreciated being led very gently to my truth, which is the mark of not only a great interviewer but also a great story-teller. She was very welcoming and she emphasized working together with me, so I felt very much like I was in a collaborative creative process, in which I was a valued member/contributor.”

                                                                       Melissa Alvia, ESL Teacher