Doug O’Neill, Travel Writer/Marketing Communicator

“I’m a frequent guest on the forward thinking travel show, FLY, hosted by the incomparable, the witty, the always hilarious Melissa Rodway. Melissa asks questions of the travel industry that others are too nervous to ask. She covers destinations and stories that others aren’t covering. Women travelling solo in Nepal. Volunteer groups in Guatemala. People taking sabbaticals in Eastern Europe. She covers smaller destinations in Canada. She covers day trips from Toronto that others aren’t covering. And she’s telling these stories through a lens that is candid and unique. Melissa doesn’t produce 3 minute clips about resort vacations in Cancun. She covers destinations that people want to know about, and she covers them from angles that people would like to hear about.”

                                                                        Doug O’Neill, Travel Writer/                                                                                                                  Marketing Communicator